Mobile Cinema versus Digital Cinema consists of artists who express themselves with videos on the subject of inside and outside. Mobile Cinema was shown in Hamburg, Munich, Istanbul and Berlin in 2011. In 2019 Mobile Cinema Reloaded was performed in Helsinki, Nelimarkka and Rome. MC versus DC focuses on the possibilities and dangers of the digital media and how videos are changed by projection on small smartphone screens and on large screens affecting the perception of the video. In times of Corona, digital media, zoom, you tube, Instagram and Facebook are mostly used to stay present.
The MC versus DC collective deals with mobility and closeness, which is difficult in times of Corona. That is why Annegret Bleisteiner and Toni Wirthmüller are focusing on performing with the videos being shown in a bag, connecting the outside with the inside and emphasizing the themes of social distancing and closeness through the digital and giving the selected videos a permanent home being in the bag.

In cooperation with the B32 Artspace Maastricht both artists will realize a site specific installation combined with live performances at the exhibition opening.
LIQUID BORDERS_ Collaboratory_ Open Stage_Lenbachhaus

Artists shown in Mobile_versus_Digital Cinema Loop, B32 Project Space Maastricht
Annegret Bleisteiner – inside out _my hiding places part one
Wolfgang Diller – Beyond Gentrification The Next Level
Sarah Doerfel – Voglio e non / From A to B
Neil Goldberg – Surfacing
SAGSI Group – Inside the Tige
Heta Kuchka _Potrait of a Young Man
Shinn Maeda_Das sanfte Licht
Christoph Nicolaus Rasha Ragab – Nile Bride
Eva Ruhland – Macro Weather Situation
Lisa Stertz – Love. Introduction
Minna Suoniemi - Little Red Riding Hood and Wolf
Tamiko Thiel – Unexpected growth
Essi Utriainen – Smell that smell
Steffi Weisman – Car Event
Toni Wirthmüller und Ina Loitzl_body:work#process
Artist in the netherland Loop :
Jeroen Werner
Guiditta Vendrame
Britte van Meurs
Miriam Sentler

Mobile_versus_Digitalcinema, HD Video color and sound, Maastricht B32 Performance, 2020 Annegret Bleisteiner & Toni Wirthmüller

Erster Teil Niederlande Loop Miriam Sentler_ Cityscape Giuditta Vendrame_ Reconciliation Jeroen Werner_Bälle